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Daniel Juhl Christoffersen

Software engineer

Daniel Juhl Christoffersen

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Software engineer

I see solutions where others see limitations. I am fascinated by what you can do with a computer, if you have a little ingenuity. I am creative and innovative and are not afraid of challenges. Read More

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During my years at TDC in technical customer care I've learned the importance of the way to troubleshot issue. I have a logical and methodically approach to locate issues. This experience combined with my coding skills is a very strong asset. Read More


At Grundfos and Marel I've been automating processes from versioning software (svn and git) through automated build and test server (Jenkins and Azure DevOps) to release software. Read More

Team Player

I know the value of having a good team. I work well in a loose atmosphere where everyone can feel free to come with their point of views. At Marel and Grundfos I've taken the role as a SCRUM Master. Read More


Been using on and off C# since 2006. At Grundfos I spend most of my coding time in C# .net core 5+. WPF, WCF, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, MS SQL and more.


At Grundfos I work in Windows MFC framework. At Marel I worked in C++ in a Linux enviroment. I use OOP and uses UML 2.0 to visualize my design.

Azure DevOps

At Grundfos I've started using Azure DevOps as the main tool for managing anything project related. I've been setting up team process, version, build, release etc.


Created innovative user interface in Qt 4.8 using MVC pattern.


Since I started working at Marel A/S in 2011 I've developing on a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 10.04 and 12.04. I'm not hardcore Linux but getting there.

HTML5 and CSS3

The place my coding interest started back in 1999. I've been making some small personal and non-profit web projects over the years. Not the main focus of my career but I like to work with web projects

Editor, debugger etc

Tools I use: Visual Studio, Visual Code, Terminal, Qt Creator, Eclipse, gdb, Netbeans and many more.

UI Design

I have designed most of the innovative and user friendly user interface on the new generation of portion cutters at Marel. And done a lot of icons. Mainly been using paint.net and Gimp


Work & Education experience

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15 Nov, 2017

System Developer

Developing and maintaining system supporting production of pumps. Marking systems, Testing systems etc. New system and old legacy code. Development process optimization and automation in Azure DevOps.

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01 FEB, 2011

Software Engineer

Development of the latest generation of Marel portion cutter. Has been focusing on the scalability of the code base so that it can be reused in future portion cutters.

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31 JUN, 2009

IKT Engineer

Information and Communication Techonology. Educated in designing software with hardware in mind. As bachelor project I made a SegWay out of an old electrical wheel chair. Got top grade and censor pointed out the way we work in and area what had not skills and the structured approach we had to solving the issues.

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01 SEP, 2010


Starting up development of web components for an existing application for numerous .NET based CMS system. Such as Sitefinity and SharePoint.

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01 APR, 2002

TDC Technical Customer Care

First and second level technical support on broadband ADSL/Cable internet connections and other online customer services.




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